The project installed at the “International Conference Centre of Algeri ” (Algeria) demonstrates our bent towards internationalization.

Inaugurated in the second quarter of 2016, the Cic – with a comprehensive capacity of 10,000 guests, 6,000 of which in the Auditorium – is the largest multi-purpose center in the Mediterranean and Africa, and is one of the Top 5 globally.

The complex included a multitude of small and large rooms with a configuration that makes it possible to hold several events simultaneously, with exhibitions, restaurants and commercial businesses.

We designed swinging doors in customized glass, 3.6 meters wide, with maximum heights up to 5.8 meters.

With the objective of enhancing the beauty of Islamic art, we inserted a special metallic cover on the swinging glass doors with geometric designs based on the “mashrabiyya” (a grill that facilitates natural ventilation), and a corner with self-supporting glass walls.

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