“We are at the service of our customers, their needs, requirements, even the most complex.”

Those who seek out FGR Engineering are not looking for the standard, they are seeking originality, something “custom made”, like a tailormade suit.

The company’s strongpoint is definitely their wall system, created by ZI Creative, the new branch of the company.

“This is an extremely versatile product, carefully designed down to the finest detail, with design driven solutions to always achieve the highest performing architectural character,” a product that literally translates into something “new”.

All of this is possible thanks to the elevated skills of F.G.R. to engineer systems, derived from 45 years of experience in creating technical solutions for interiors and industrial construction.

The company commits to the possibility of creating the exact project the customer is seeking, instead of expecting the customers to accommodate their ideas to the limitations
of the system.

The material is in the nature of the system, and if the material is “custom”, and changed on a case by case basis, the system must accept this characteristic.

This is why a highly professional Technical Department is a must.

In a global market that is rapidly transforming, continuous research and innovation is fundamental for sustaining a competitive edge.

The future depends on the ability to rapidly introduce the most significant innovations.

Innovation in the process and the product is the only element that can guarantee business success, and must be sought out and planned systematically.

The excellent technical skills and infinite creativity of the professionals that work in our Research and Development sector represent our strong point and greatest advantage.

They are called upon to constantly create new products and perfect existing ones.

The evolution of technology helps us because it allows us to constantly improve the functionality and design of products, satisfying any requirement, even the most demanding.

It is actually the desire to satisfy customer demands that provides the impulse for development of new ideas.

To implement this “strategy of continuous innovation”, all company personnel must be involved.

Therefore, we facilitate the participation of our employees in all corporate decisions, and they are proud to be part of this “extended family”.


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