Managing complex work

Managing complex work sites requires strict organization, specialized skills, and specifically
trained professionals.

Because it requires not only designing based on the fundamental requisites of the area where the work site is located, and creating suitable spaces for moving the work equipment, but above all protecting the people who are working in these high-risk areas.

The greatest difficulty lies in the passage from design to implementation.

And implementation depends significantly on the project, which must make a priority of the constructive aspects, to then take all necessary measures in the work site for performing the work in total safety.

This standard is also set forth in Legislative Decree no. 81 dated 9 April 2008, governing health and safety in the workplace. This is why our designers also take on the role
of Project Manager, and are responsible for the order and management of the same at the work site.

This means that the professional who is assigned with the project follows it from the start to the finish, also during the executive stage, where they participate in technological
and safety-related decisions.

Also in this case, we believe that team work is fundamental.

A multi-disciplinary team has better control over all technological and constructive aspects, identifying any possible criticalities promptly, to make necessary adjustments.

Correct installation in the work site, which takes into account the duration of works, a maximum number of admitted personnel, logistics to guarantee a safe, healthy workplace, is fundamental for the functional quality of the project.

Our installers, who are constantly trained and who we follow step by step, have all the necessary skills for performing their work to a state of the art standard, in full respect of all safety standards.


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