Who we are


“Foresight, wisdom and perseverance are the values that have always accompanied me through my life, and today united with the enthusiasm of my children and collaborators, they are indispensable for finding the right balance to generate true excellence”.

This was the wish that Giancarlo Fior made for his company, FGR Engineering in Cittadella (Padua, Italy), founded 45 years ago, coming through the trials and tribulations around the middle of the century, and born once again thanks to farsighted generational transformation.

It was 1972.

The son of a mechanic and grandson of a blacksmith, Giancarlo was 21 years old and dreamt of becoming an entrepreneur in the metalworking sector.

It was the era of Eternit, works at 40 meters high without protective equipment; scaffolds and platforms did not exist back then.

“There were no mechanical means, only muscle and balance, even transporting loads of 50 kilos.

I remember my first job as an entrepreneur: we had to install metallic structures for an agricultural complex in the Girifalco municipality in Catanzaro.

It took so much effort, enthusiasm and commitment to put our skills into action!

We started very early in the morning and finished late in the evening.

We worked in any kind of weather, under the rain and in the fog, sliding on the ice on the metal structures.

Cranes were a luxury that we could not afford.

But nothing could stop us, because the desire to make it was strong, and we forgot about how tired we were, day after day we were ready to start again with the same spirit and enthusiasm.

We were young, free-spirited, always working, but we were happy.”

The history of FGR began with that very first project.
Giancarlo started his first company, which bears his name.

Orders increased, we worked 24 hours a day, visiting construction sites all over Italy, supervising works.

Then there were contracts, deadlines, accounts to keep under control, the stress was off the charts, the “miracle of the Northwest” definitely did not pay in terms of health.

His wife Daniela was his constant companion in life and work.

But the passage to the next generation was the real milestone marking the change underway.

Giancarlo was 54 years old, and he knew the time had come to start thinking about what would come next.

This was the basis for personal development, which would soon transform into a life style;

“I started to improve myself in my profession, and wound up improving my entire life.”

Personal development is necessary for finding peace within, for managing relationships, and in the professional realm, for selecting your collaborators well.

“Each person must clarify their own duties and responsibilities.

Only setting aside autonomy makes it possible to grow and create motivation.”

Now that FGR knew how to navigate without its “patron”, thanks to his children and valuable collaborators, Giancarlo could finally dedicate himself to the things he loved the most, his beloved wife, “who for me was always a source of inspiration and balance”, traveling and painting.

Because it is important to “know how to live the poetry of life.”

Giancarlo Fior knows that the past must not be forgotten.

“I will never stop thanking the companies I began with.”

But he also knows that one must always look towards the future.

Because a story must continue….

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